Product-driven technology executive with a track record of advancing innovation and scaling high-performing engineering organizations. Emphasis on technical strategy, operational efficiency, and accelerating product velocity. Board friendly and experienced with investors from early-seed to late-stage PE.

As a CTO/SVP/VP of Engineering for the last decade, I've been leading the teams building best-in-class B2B SaaS applications and large-scale consumer products across various verticals, reaching upwards of 100M active users per month.

From small startups with just a few engineers to larger enterprises with geographically dispersed teams across multiple time zones and cultures, I typically oversee all aspects of engineering, including strategy, management, recruiting, architecture, development, infrastructure, and technical support.

I'm also a technical advisor for a few early-stage companies, and a minor investor in a few others.


Married, with children. Love cocktails and whisky/whiskey. Huge music fan. Avid road cyclist, but that was before I became a dad. Builder. I like tinkering and creating things. Tend to take my work seriously, so I strive to take myself less seriously as often as I can.

Jay Hung

I consider myself a poker player  (although there isn't much time for that these days) and appreciate the parallels between poker and the real world—such as assessing the probability of an outcome coupled with intuition to make a decision. In other words, I'm a betting man.

Two truths and a lie about me:

  • Cycled one hundred miles on a single hour of sleep
  • Climbed to Mt. Everest Base Camp
  • Once shared the same PR publicist as Steve-O (of Jackass fame)

I support Black Lives Matter, equity and inclusion, gender pronouns, higher education (does not always mean institutionalized education), youth mentoring, reducing climate change, cleaning up the ocean, decentralized currencies, and Wikipedia—yes, I donate to Wikipedia and encourage you to do so too.

Sometimes I also do a tiny bit of investing, and you may occasionally find me on social media.

How To Reach Me

Best way to reach me is via an intro.

I also read and respond to emails. However, with over 200+ emails received daily across multiple accounts, I'm unable to respond to everyone and will often times miss things.

Many marketing and salesy messages will be filtered out, and emails with incredibly terrible and cheeky openers will be visibly ignored (visibly ignored? did that make any sense at all?).

With that said, feel free to give it a go at