My use of social media is mostly personal and for entertainment—catching up on some news here and there, picking up on the latest social debates and brouhahas, and occasionally learning a few things.

You won’t find me trying to build my personal brand—yet. Mostly I’m just passing the time, decompressing, and trying to take myself less seriously while sidestepping all the trash and vitriol that abounds.

How I Use Social Media

Over the years, my personal use of Facebook has been largely for family and keeping up with friends (although recently, I try to stay far far away from it).

Twitter is a bit more aligned with my professional side, and is where I spend the most time on social media, scrolling through a steady stream of tech, startup and related topics—plus news. I don't post often, and mostly I'm reading or retweeting.

Instagram is where I go when I’m thirsty, with its endless stream of gorgeous cocktails and other tipples. It's also where I go if I want to engage with my wife online 🤷‍♂️.

And LinkedIn? Uh... though I try not to let it get too out of date, I hardly ever use the service and am often slow in responding. If you're looking to get a hold of me, email may be better.